Fans of Vikings, The Last Kingdom, and Game of Thrones will relish Warrior’s Claim. Epic adventure and brutal vengeance await!

Sword of Betrayal: A Medieval Viking Historical Romance (Book One)

Rebellion is brewing outside the village fortifications. There are rumors that the jarl has been cursed by the gods—a new leader must be chosen or destruction will come down upon them all. One spark of rebellion can light many fires, and Torunn is faced with the possibility that her father might not have a jarldom to return to before the winter snows begin to fall. Tasked with the care of the village while her father is away raiding, will Torunn be able to keep the peace and protect her people against the growing unrest, or will everything come crashing down around her?

Sword of Vengeance: A Medieval Viking Historical Romance (Book Two)

The death of her father rests heavily on Torunn’s shoulders… and the suspicion surrounding his passing only makes it harder to accept how her life has changed now that her brother has taken the jarl’s mantle. Support for the new jarl is thin and tainted by the rumors that their family line is cursed by the gods. There is only one way to restore the people’s trust—a pilgrimage to the holy places to cleanse the jarl and re-affirm his connection to the gods. But Torunn’s quest for the truth will put her own life in danger. If she can survive, what will be left to claim?

Sword of Prophecy: A Medieval Viking Historical Romance (Book Three)

 Armed with the truth about her father’s death, Torunn’s only option is to run. If she is captured, her life is forfeit. The gods are her only refuge, but the journey to the holy lands is full of danger, and trust is in short supply. There is no guarantee that the gods will grant their blessing, no guarantee that she will be able to challenge her brothers for the right to rule in Skaro… But some risks are worth the taking, even if it means losing everything.