Don’t miss out on these thrilling historical books, anthologies, and multi-author series!

Flyboys: A WW2 Historical Military Romance Anthology

The Few.

Brave souls bound to defend King and Country.

As the Battle of Britain was waged in the skies above, on the ground there are other histories being made.

Experience five different stories of love, loss, grief, and joy in this historical romance anthology. Within these pages, second chances are taken, enemies become lovers, and even broken hearts can be mended.

Commemorate the anniversary of the Battle for Britain with this thrilling Historical Romance Anthology.

Gold, She Spins: A Historical Fantasy Fairy Tale Retelling (A Never After Tale)

In a time where science and religion have begun to chase the wild things of this world into the shadows of the forest, there may yet be room for a little magic…

Once upon a Never After, an alchemist with a silver tongue ventured into a kingdom with an empty treasury, a prince with a greedy heart, and an impossible request. Bretan MacCrain is determined to fulfill the prince’s request, but when time runs short and his life hangs in the balance, what will he trade for an impossible wish?

Rhona is a child of the woods, an orphan with a hundred brothers and sisters. Happily ever after’s don’t exist in the greenwood. There is only survival. Stolen away by a fairy curse when she was only a babe, Rhona has grown up wild and strong alongside her foundling family.

“I’m in the business of granting wishes… but all magic comes at a price.”

In Brightsoll Forest at the edge of Ely Citadel, the world of men creeps ever closer and as Rhona’s twenty-first birthday approaches, she yearns to know more about these strange creatures who live without magic, and whom she is forbidden to speak to. Her interest in life at the citadel started as a game—but when an alchemist on the edge of desperation begs for her help, can Rhona take the risk that she might be discovered, or leave him to his fate?

Gold, She Spins is an adult-oriented fairy tale retelling featuring a heck of a lot of straw, consenting adults doing sensual things in various positions, a healthy helping of dirty language, bargains that should not be made lightly, and a guaranteed happily ever after.